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Haskins back in college following Dail bid

HE WAS the unexpected poster boy of the election but quiff-haired Dylan Haskins is back in college.

Since losing out in the election the 23-year-old has returned to the halls of Trinity College to "catch up" on his workload ahead of exams next week.

"I'm not doing too bad. I've actually gotten all my assignments in, I just missed one during the campaign," he told the Herald.

"It was funny. A lot of my friends were almost surprised to see me back. It was funny just sitting in the library again and doing all those normal things again.

"It was actually good to go back to something so calm in the immediate aftermath of the election," said the Dublin South East candidate, adding: "That said I have literally being doing one essay a week since I've come back."

Haskins is studying Classics and the History of Art and Architecture but still has one eye on the Dail.

Having achieved almost 1,400 first preference votes he was entitled to a portion of his election expenses back and says that has been set aside for a future Dail bid.

"We have a kitty to run another campaign.

"Speaking to people afterwards it's not finished. Eyes are very much on what's going to happen. You wish the Government the best and we hope they are the best Government we've ever seen. But if they don't deliver, what is the next plan?

"The issues that were there when I ran are still there. I'm still as interested as when I ran."

But he has ruled himself out of running in the 2014 local elections because his policies were national and local authorities need too much reform.

"Ruairi Quinn said to me in the count centre 'stick with and do the locals' and I kind of said I don't want to do anything as a stepping stone."

In the meantime he also has a budding career in broadcasting. He previously presented the young peoples' programme Two Tube on RTE 2 and is currently working in radio.

"I've been working for the past year for Arena, the arts programme on RTE One, so I'll be doing more stuff for them as we go into the summer.

"I don't have to make a decision yet," he said.