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Harris calls on colleges to wipe out harassment


Minister Simon Harris

Minister Simon Harris

Minister Simon Harris

Colleges and universities must adapt a zero-tolerance approach to sexual harassment and assaults among students, Simon Harris has said.

The Higher Education Minister wants to see best practice apply to every third-level educational institution when it comes to sexual harassment, and said he will implement a new framework so colleges can comply.

"When it comes to sexual harassment at third-level institutions, there has to be a zero-tolerance policy," he said.


"It is not good enough to say, 'Ah, yeah, we're doing that'. We need to clearly monitor the implementation of the framework so we can measure progress.

"We need to carry out an annual survey of staff and students so that year-on-year we can monitor the experiences of students and staffs at third- level. The area of sexual harassment at colleges is an issue that needs more coverage."

Mr Harris said third-level institutions must comply with these new measures as the Government provides them with most of their funding.