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Harrington puts his private jet up for sale as fuel prices go sky-high

PADRAIG Harrington has decided to sell his private jet less than two years after paying €1.5m for the aircraft as a result of rocketing fuel bills.

The three-time Major champion left the 1986 Gulfstream III in the US last month following the FedEx Cup play-offs.

The 41-year-old golfer bought the luxury plane early last year and used it to fly all over the world to play in prestigious tournaments.

The 13-passenger aircraft is considered top-of-the-range and could go for close to the price he paid for it.

Reports revealed a representative of Premier Executive Jets, of Weston Airport in Co Kildare believes the plane could have actually gained in value since Harrington bought it.

The reason is because the market was very depressed when he agreed the $2m price but is much stronger now.