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Half-price parking gives city shops a boost

BUSINESSES are hoping for a boost this week when shoppers will be able to avail of cut-price parking fees.

From Thursday, the on-street charges in Dublin city will be slashed in half for motorists paying by way of the electronic parking tag system.

That means Christmas shoppers, leaving their car in high-demand zones such as St Stephen's Green, will only have to pay €1.45 an hour instead of the current rate of €2.90.

The 50pc discount will apply anywhere in the city for users of a tag, which is the council's cash-free method of paying for parking.

Local authority bosses made the decision to reduce the fees after last year's promotion increased parking revenues by over 25pc. The offer will run through to January 8.

Last year's promotion led to a weekly average increase in revenues of just over €10,000, equating to a 26pc jump.