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Half of women admit to taking sex risks

MORE than half of European women take unnecessary risks with contraception, a new study shows.

Of the 58pc who admit taking risks, 39pc said that they simply forget and around one in 10 said they do not use contraceptives because they do not want to "ruin the moment".

The study, conducted on 3,000 women by Bayer Healthcare, also found that almost half of women find it difficult to always remember to take the contraceptive Pill, and only 16pc use long-acting reversible contraceptives.

More than a third of women have had unprotected sex five times or more, the figures suggest.

Sexual health specialist Dr Caroline Cooper said: "It's shocking that women are taking these risks as there are long-acting contraceptive options that don't have to be remembered every time you have intercourse, allowing women to enjoy a full and active sex life without chancing an unwanted pregnancy."