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Half of us feel sleep deprived

The average person sleeps for just six hours and seven minutes per night -- well below the traditionally recommended eight hours, according to a survey published today.

Half of those who took part in the study described themselves as sleep deprived.

The survey, commissioned by multimedia retailer QVC, questioned more than 3,000 people across Britain about their sleeping patterns.

Nearly two thirds (64pc) said lack of sleep was to blame when they felt irritable, while 56pc said it left them unable to concentrate, and 37pc said it made them crave sugary, fatty foods.

Nearly a third of those questioned (29pc) suffered from insomnia, while 87pc felt tired for most of the week and 17pc dozed off at work.

Where sleep was disturbed, the causes were money worries (48pc), problems at work (36pc), family troubles (33pc), and relationship issues (34pc).

QVC presenter Susie Adams said: "Getting a good night's sleep is so important -- and even more so for people juggling busy lives at work and at home."