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Half of us are 'living just to work'

HALF of Irish people feel they are just "living to work", a stark new survey of the hardships facing families revealed today.

More than 1.5 million people are left with €100 or less after paying bills at the end of each month.

And 41pc believe there is no longer a future for them or their family in Ireland, the survey by the Irish League of Credit Unions said.

It shows that the disposable income of tens of thousands of households remains under severe pressure.

A majority of consumers, 63pc, said the amount of money left after paying essential bills has fallen in the past 12 months.

Compared to six months ago, 51pc have experienced an actual fall in their disposable income.

The survey, part of the Irish League of Credit Unions, disposable income tracker index, found:

•28pc of people cannot afford to pay the Household Charge

•46pc are unable to save money,

•45pc are struggling with their car finances as a result of the increased cost of motoring,

•40pc have switched car insurance company to cut down on costs,

•20pc have switched to a smaller car.

More than two fifths of households stated they had no intention of paying the Household Charge.

Almost three in 10 (28pc) homeowners will not pay as they cannot afford it, while 8pc said they will hold off on paying it until they are threatened with legal action. Around half of those surveyed admitted to not paying their utility bills on time, with bin charges, TV licences and phone bills the most likely to be put off.