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Hairy Lemon pub hit with food safety order

MANAGEMENT of a city centre pub are refusing to clarify why the basement of the premises was closed by health inspectors for two days before Christmas.

The lower level of the Hairy Lemon (inset), on Stephen Street Lower, received a closure order on December 17, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

However, the authority has a policy of withholding the specific information on why action has been taken against an establishment.

Asked by the Herald why the basement had been closed, the manager of the Hairy Lemon declined to comment but said he would consult with the owner. Subsequent calls and messages when unanswered.

The Hairy Lemon was one of six businesses penalised for breaching food safety legislation last month. The FSAI also said figures show there was a 21pc drop in the number of premises hit with enforcement orders last year.