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Hair today, gone tomorrow -- Violeta chops off her long locks to pay for flight home

A Dublin barbershop has stepped in to help out a woman who hopes to sell her hair online to raise funds for her journey home to Lithuania.

Our photos show Violeta Salaseviciene (58) from Vilkaviskio, Lithuania, in the Waldorf Barbers as she made the brave decision to cut her long hair.

Violeta's hair reaches past her ankles when fully straight but she agreed to face the chop for the first time in years.

Linda Finnegan from the Waldorf Barbers said that it took three hours to wash, dry and straighten the hair to ensure that they preserved every last strand.


"I put her hair into a ponytail and cut it, then just stitched the end of the hair together to preserve it," Linda said.

"After growing her hair for so many years, I think that she was feeling a bit nervous. She was a bit upset but she told me that she was very, very happy that it was more manageable now."

The last time Violeta had her locks trimmed was three years ago, when she got it trimmed to her knees.

"It was very heavy, but in really good condition," Linda said.

"She told me that she had tripped over it a couple of times and that it takes three hours to dry naturally.

"But now she actually looks taller without the hair, it was weighing her down. When I first met her I thought she was under five foot, but she appears taller now.

"I think she'll walk quicker with her new haircut."

The barbershop will put the hair for sale on eBay and Linda said that the hair could reach as much as €800 from wig manufacturers

"We are also going hold a Facebook competition to guess how much the hair will go for and put a video of the hair cutting on our website," she added.

"The winner of this competition will get the full works at the salon."


Violeta's three daughters, Jutgita (35), Kristina (30) and Lina (21) and her granddaughter Maute (2) all live in Balbriggan and she was in Ireland visiting when she had the idea to sell her hair.

"She comes over to Ireland about four times a year to visit her children," Linda explained.

"This time she wanted to raise some money for her flight home."

And if she has any money left over, Violeta said that she would like to spend the money on herself.

"I would like to have a holiday, maybe I will have a trip to Greece," Violeta said.

Further information about the Violeta's haircut and the sale online is available at www.waldorfbarbers.com.