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Hair dye left model with burned scalp

A MODEL has told a court she was left with "weeping scabs" on her scalp after having had her hair dyed in a Dublin hairdressers.

Anne Marie FitzGerald (28) of La Rochelle Apartments, Christchurch, Dublin, told Judge James O'Donohoe in the Circuit Civil Court that her hair started falling out.

She said that during the treatment in Guo Fa Hair and Beauty Salon in September last year she had complained to the hairdresser that her scalp was burning and painful.

"They simply put a wet towel around my head and neck and left me for an hour," Ms FitzGerald told her counsel Bernard McCabe.

Mr McCabe told the court that Jin (James) Cheng, owner of the Thomas Street, Dublin, salon had claimed he had nothing to do with the salon and was not there on the day Ms FitzGerald complained of.

Ms FitzGerald said she had attended her GP shortly after the incident and the doctor had said her scalp had been badly burned and that she had been left with weeping scabs.

She had been prescribed antibiotic cream to rub on the sores and was advised to have her dried-up hair cut as short as possible to try to save it. She said her hair had died that day and she now had to wear hair extensions in order to continue with her modelling.

"It has taken more than a year for my scalp to heal and for the smell of the dead skin to disappear," she said.

Ms FitzGerald told Mr McCabe that Mr Cheng was in the salon on the day of her incident. He had often cut her hair.

Mr Cheng gave evidence through an interpreter and said he was not there and had nothing to do with the salon. He said he could not speak English and had never cut Ms FitzGerald's hair and did not know her.

Judge O'Donohoe, awarding Ms FitzGerald €7,000 damages and costs in the region of €5,000, said he did not accept Mr Cheng's evidence.

The judge said he accepted that Ms FitzGerald had suffered as a result of whatever chemical had been in the dye used.