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Hail new 'chat' star Collette after bedside grilling of Ashley

If Ryan Tubridy does leave these shores for the UK, and Miriam O'Callaghan isn't interested in taking over as presenter of the Late Late, then I suggest RTE need look no further than the new queen of chat, the woman whose probing questions would put Tubbers -- hell, would put Gaybo or Parky, to shame.

Step forward Collette McBarron, one-time army lieutenant-turned minor-celebrity slash fitness instructor.

Donegal-born Collette continued this weekend to string out the story of her "relationship" with serial love cheat, and occasional footballer, Ashley Cole.

Having now decided to admit that she did share a bed with Ashley -- she was coy about it in her last newspaper 'exclusive' -- Collette provided us with an insight into how she grilled him one night, probing him with the questions that we all wanted to ask.

"What is it like being married?" she started.

"It's hard."

"What changed?" probed Collette.

"Things change. You go from being someone's boyfriend to being their husband. It changes a lot of things," articulated Ashley. "Once you're a husband, you can't act the way you would have done if you were a boyfriend."

Forget Frost/Nixon, or even O'Callaghan/Lowry, and behold McBarron/Cole.

Truly, a star is born...