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Hague moves on from slurs

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague insisted he had "nailed" false rumours of an inappropriate relationship with a former special adviser.

Mr Hague said the suggestions made about him and Christopher Myers were a "big lie", as he thanked colleagues and the public for their support.

Posting on social networking site Twitter last night, Mr Hague wrote: "Thanks for another day of very supportive comments.

"What was said about me was a big lie which I hope has been nailed. I am enjoying my work."

Mozambicans fight price rises

Mozambicans found they could not send text messages, after some used the technology to call for protests in the impoverished country over increases in food, water and electricity prices.

Protests last week in the capital, Maputo, turned violent, with demonstrators clashing with police.

The health department said three people died yesterday from injuries in the violence last week, bringing the toll to 13.

Soldier took three hostages

A former US army soldier seeking help for mental problems at a Georgia military hospital took three workers hostage at gunpoint before authorities persuaded the gunman to surrender peacefully.

Fort Stewart spokesman Kevin Larson said no one was hurt and no shots were fired in the short standoff at Winn Army Community Hospital on Fort Stewart, about 40 miles southwest of Savannah.

Military officials said the hostages were able to calm the gunman and keep him away from patients until he surrendered.

N Korea asks for supplies

North Korea requested a shipment of rice, cement and heavy equipment days after South Korea offered relief aid to its communist neighbour to help it recover from recent flooding, the Unification Ministry said.

An overflowing river last month swamped farmland, houses and public buildings in the North's north-western city of Sinuiju and adjacent areas.