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Gym to investigate the secret filming of Taoiseach's workout


Leo campaigning yesterday

Leo campaigning yesterday

Leo campaigning yesterday

FLYEfit has launched an investigation into the secret filming of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar while he was exercising at one of its gyms.

The video, which has circulated on social media in recent days, depicts Mr Varadkar getting ready to start his workout in the gym's weights area.

The individual took the video without the Taoiseach's knowledge and posted it on social media with the caption "while the country's in s**t, he's here working out. Feel like thrown a weight at him [sic]".

A spokesperson for FLYEfit told the Herald it is aware of the video and intends on barring the man or woman responsible from its gyms.

"FLYEfit is aware of the video circulated on social media. It is taking action to identify the person who filmed and posted it and intends to revoke their membership," the spokesperson said.

"Under FLYEfit's rules, members are not permitted to take photos or videos on the premises that may identify other members or to post such items or associated remarks on the internet.

"Any member photographed, or filmed, on the premises is welcome to bring the matter to the attention of the manager on duty so that the matter can be immediately addressed."

Mr Varadkar has since been made aware of the footage but did not reply when asked for comment. However, in recent days, he stressed that public representatives should be entitled to privacy.

"I'm a great believer that politicians should be able to have a private life and should be able to have a private past as well," he said.

Junior Minister Helen McEntee asked: "How would the person who recorded the video feel if their privacy was breached in the same way?

"Nobody should be recorded in that manner without their permission.


"I think most people would prefer to have a Taoiseach who looks after his physical health than not," she told the Herald.

The footage has since accumulated more than 130,000 views on Twitter, with the majority of users condemning the person who filmed it.

"This is pathetic.. some troll having a go at @LeoVaradkar because he's in the gym in the run-up to an election," said 98FM presenter Jeremy Dixon.

"I think it's great that he understands the value of fitness for both physical and mental health. I guarantee you, the person who took the video didn't approach him."