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Gym boss Enright set up for gun hit after row with pal

GYM boss Sean Enright was turned over by one of his closest pals after the pair fell out in recent weeks, gardai believe.

A €20,000 contract was placed on the head of the amateur boxer by a north Dublin man after a disagreement.

Detectives spent the weekend questioning a 45-year-old Tallaght man who is suspected of agreeing to assassinate Enright in a desperate bid to pay off a massive drugs debt.

The Herald revealed last week that the gunman is an armed robber suspected of carrying out some of the most terrifying raids in the capital in recent months.


The individual has a string of significant drug debts and agreed to murder Enright after being offered a bounty of €20,000.

It has now emerged that Enright was set up by one of his closest pals after the pair had a major row last month.

Enright's associate held secret talks with the gunman and offered him €20,000 to murder the father-of-three at his Finglas gym last Wednesday.

The gunman blasted Enright four times at close range, but the businessman survived and should make a full recovery.

The gunman himself went into hiding after the botched shooting as he feared he would be killed.

He was arrested by detectives on Saturday morning.

The man is well-known to gardai and is believed to be responsible for raids on shops and post offices in the capital.

He owes hundreds of thousands of euro in drug debts to several individuals.

"When €20,000 was waved above his head, he just could not resist. However the assassination attempt itself was amateurish. Enright looked him square in the eye and said, 'Bring it on'," a source said.

Enright is believed to have told gardai that he has no idea why anyone would want to murder him.

However he has told pals that he does know who set him up and has vowed that he will not be intimidated.

"Enright says he'll go back to running his gym when he is out of hospital," said a source.

Enright is a major target of the Real IRA and has been warned on numerous occasions that his life was under threat.


The gym boss is a close associate of notorious criminal Alan 'Fatpuss' Bradley, as well as slain gang boss Eamon 'the Don' Dunne.

He survived an earlier attack in 2011, when nine bullets were pumped into his car as he arrived home in Clonsilla.

He was hit six times as he ran from his car.