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Guns used in Bonnie and Clyde's last stand fetch c390k

Two guns used by gangsters Bonnie and Clyde when they were killed in a hail of gunfire sold at auction for $504,000 (¤390,000).

The guns were two of 134 lots that sold for a total of $1m at the auction in New Hampshire.

About two-thirds of the auctioned items were from Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, but some also came from other notorious criminals, including Al Capone, Pretty Boy Floyd and John Dillinger.

Parker's .38-calibre Detective Special that she had taped to her thigh when she was killed in 1934 drew the highest bid and sold for $264,000 ¤204,000).

Barrow's 1911 Colt .45-calibre automatic sold for $240,000 (¤186,000) to the same bidder, who did not want to be named.


Meanwhile a .45-calibre gun once owned by outlaw Butch Cassidy was sold at auction in California for $175,000 (¤135,000).

The Colt Single Action Army revolver went to an anonymous online bidder.

The gun is accompanied by a black leather shoulder holster and two binders filled with documentation verifying the revolver's authenticity.

Cassidy bought the revolver in a hardware store in Utah, in 1896 and turned it over to state authorities in early 1900 in an unsuccessful attempt to gain amnesty.

Known as the 'Amnesty Colt', it is the most documented of Cassidy's guns.