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Gunman in pyjamas kills 5 after eggs row

Five people were shot dead by a gunman in pyjamas who lost his temper at the way his wife had cooked his eggs.

Stanley Neace (47) chased and killed his wife and then shot her stepdaughter and three neighbours during an hour of terror at a caravan park in rural east Kentucky before finally shooting himself.

The couple had argued in their kitchen. "He just got mad at his wife for not making his breakfast right, and he shot her," Sherri Ann Robinson said. "She tried to run to tell my family and he shot them too."

Coroner George Griffith said: "He and his wife had an argument. He shot her first in the leg, then she ran behind a car. He shot the car three or four times, then she ran to her daughter's trailer. He found her up there and killed her, her daughter, his step-daughter and his step-daughter's boyfriend, and then he went on up to another trailer and found another woman and shot her."