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Gun 'victim' shot himself

A US man who claimed to be the victim of a drive-by shooting on a rural Montana highway has confessed to shooting himself.

Ray Dolin said he was travelling and working on a memoir when he was shot by a passing driver.

No charges were immediately filed against Dolin. The case remains under investigation, and police say charges are possible.

Deadly snakes

escape on bus

Six poisonous snakes escaped from a bag and slithered across the floor of a bus in Vietnam, sparking screams and a hurried evacuation.

A police officer says passengers and villagers killed all of the highly venomous kraits after the bus made a quick stop in Quang Nam province. Nobody was bitten.

The police officer said somebody who wasn't a passenger put the bag on the bus and paid the driver to transport it.

Business plans

for brothels

brothel owners in Amsterdam will be forced to submit a business plan to the city describing what measures they are taking to ensure sex workers are healthy and not being exploited.

Prostitution has been legal in the Netherlands since 2000, and tolerated in Amsterdam for centuries. But in recent years the city and government have become critical.

The city says it will adopt the measures by 2013, whether or not a national law raising the minimum age for prostitutes to 21 has gone into effect.

Fugitive thief

pleads guilty

A Puerto Rican nationalist has pleaded guilty to his role in a $7m (e5.5m) armoured car depot robbery in 1983 in the US under an agreement that calls for a five-year prison sentence.

The heist was the largest cash robbery in US history at the time.

Norberto Gonzalez Claudio (67) was one of two fugitives in the robbery carried out by militant group Los Macheteros.

Gonzalez acknowledged in US District Court in Connecticut that he was a member of the committee that planned the heist.