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Gun raiders forced to abandon haul in cash box explosion

A PLOT by bungling thieves to rob a post office blew up in their faces -- when a stolen cash box exploded in their getaway car.

The amateurish raiders lost their haul as they sped from a north Dublin post office, having robbed the money at gunpoint.

As they drove from the scene, one of the raiders attempted to open the cash box in the car, detonating a security device which sprayed red paint on the cash, the raiders and the interior of vehicle.

The gang were forced to dump the box, containing thousands of euro, on the roadside and drive on empty-handed, after the botched robbery.

Gardai are continued to hunt the gang of at least two men, who escaped from the scene.

Despite their bungled efforts officers are treating the outfit as armed and dangerous -- because they held a gun to a security worker's head.


The drama unfolded at the post office in Bayside Shopping Centre on December 17, as a G4S Security Services cash van made a delivery to the office.

As the security man was handing over a box of cash, a raider entered the post office and put a gun to his head, taking the cash box off him. The man then left the post office, escaping with at least one associate in a getaway car.

The car sped from the scene and was driving at speed along St Assam's Avenue in Raheny when one of the raiders apparently tried to open the cash box, which exploded. The men then dumped the box, contained all the stolen cash, at the roadside.

It was recovered by gardai. Under procedures, security companies can return the cash to the Central Bank, which replaces the money.

A source told the Herald: "What happened to these idiots should go out as a message to any cash raiders. The paint-bomb security devices in these boxes are more sophisticated than ever. It's practically impossible to carry out a robbery like this and get all the cash."

The raid was the second time that Bayside Post Office was targeted in four months. Last September, a shot was fired in another botched raid at the post office in an unrelated raid.

Two men -- who were armed with a handgun and a knife -- had threatened staff and customers before they fled empty-handed in that incident.

Gardai later made two arrests, in relation to the September incident.