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Gun-for-hire Gaynor was a suspect in shooting of innocent Robert

SLAIN gangster Daniel Gaynor, gunned down on Saturday in front of his partner and two children, was a chief suspect in the 2008 shooting of postman Robert Delany.

The shooting left innocent Robert (28), also a father of two children, in a vegetative state in hospital needing 24 hour care.

The shooting occurred at Robert's home in Tallaght, October 2008.

Gaynor (25) and another Finglas man are believed to have been recruited as thugs-for-hire to carry out the attack on the innocent father-of-two because he had intervened in a pub row.

Unknown to Delany, one of the men involved in the fight he broke up was the son of a Republican figure, based in Dublin, who vowed revenge.

Weeks later, Delany was blasted in the head with a shotgun when he looked out of his apartment window in Tallaght's Russell Rise. He opened the window to look out after somebody rang his intercom at 6.30am on October.


Gardai are convinced the gunmen planned to kill Robert as he left his apartment for work, but they were forced to ring his buzzer to lure him out after the postman had changed his shift that day and did not leave the building at the time the gunmen expected.

Gaynor and another Finglas man are chief suspects in the attack, and were both arrested and questioned in the investigation into the shooting.

Gardai investigating the shooting of Robert Delany believe Gaynor and the second man were recruited by somebody known to them because they were established gun-for-hire operators.

Gaynor and the second Finglas man were both arrested in March of this year.

A third man was also arrested at his home in Tallaght. All three were arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm at Russell Rise, where Robert Delany was shot. At the time, Gardai were working on a file to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions detailing the three men's involvement in the shocking crime.

Robert was with his partner Mags and two young daughters when he was blasted with the shotgun.

He was rushed to hospital where his life hung in the balance for weeks. He was anointed twice, and he remains in Tallaght Hospital being cared for by staff and his family.

There is no hope of recovery for Robert. The Delany family declined to comment on the weekend's killing.