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Gun discovered in gangster kidnap link to 'Daniel killer'

GARDAI investigating the disappearance of tragic Daniel McAnaspie found a 9mm gun at a gangster's rural hideout.

Officers conducting inquiries in the weeks after the 17-year-old disappeared discovered the gun after they intercepted a plot to kidnap the chief suspect.

The Herald can reveal that a notorious Finglas gangster, in his 30s, had enlisted heavies to kidnap the suspect, a criminal in his 20s from the Clonsilla area.

A group of men were found with gloves and cable ties close to the social welfare office in Blanchardstown after Daniel went missing on February 26.

In a follow-up search at a property in Co Meath, controlled by the Finglas gangster, a 9mm handgun was found. It is not clear if the gun was linked to the kidnap plot.

Daniel was suspected to have been murdered at the time. His body was found at Rathfeigh, Co Meath, last week.

Gardai believe that the Finglas gangster intended to kidnap the suspected killer as he called to the social welfare office on Snugborough Road in Blanchardstown.

They believe that the kidnap was planned by the Finglas criminal in an attempt to bolster his reputation in the Dublin 15 area, where the disappearance of the vulnerable teenager caused revulsion.

But the plot was foiled when detectives intercepted the men.

A source said: "This local gangster saw an opportunity to act as an enforcer and told his men to kidnap the chief suspect, whose status as a suspect was well known. It is unclear how far this would have gone but it was nipped in the bud."

Gardai are building a case against the McAnaspie suspect, whom they believe murdered the innocent young man after a row at a bonfire in the Whitestown area on February 26.

McAnaspie died after he was stabbed at least six times. A post-mortem examination revealed two fatal knife marks to neck vertebrae, indicating that the cause of death was a fatal throat wound.

The body of the young man, the first young person to be murdered while in HSE care, was dumped in a field.

Gardai have been aware of the chief suspect's identity for some time. He is a notorious figure in the Clonsilla area and has previously come to garda attention on public order matters.

He is the son of a notorious thug from north Co Dublin who has assault convictions.