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Guinness trials black lager

Guinness has started trials on a new product -- black lager.

Pitched at the younger market, the drink will come in 330ml bottles and is being tried out in the North. Guinness chiefs said Guinness Black Lager would go on sale at selected Northern Ireland pubs and off-licences, at similar prices to other premium lagers.

Parents can't do homework

four in five parents struggle to help their child with homework, a survey found today. Over a fifth (22pc) said they were frequently unable to help because they did not understand the task.

A third (33pc) said it made them feel embarrassed or like a bad parent in the poll by technology agency Becta.

Hawaii wants Obama library

Hawaii is asking President Barack Obama to put his future presidential library in the state where he was born. The state is competing with Illinois, where Obama lived for many years, for the honour.