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Guinness plan to brew 33pc more pints in city

GUINNESS parent company Diageo has received approval for a plan that would see its production capacity increase by up to 33pc.

Dublin City Council has granted the drinks giant permission to install a new barley roaster machine at its St James's Gate Brewery.

The grain is a key ingredient in Guinness and is said to give the stout its distinctive burnt flavour.

The machine will have an output capacity of 7,000 tonnes a year. As the three existing roaster machines have a total capacity of 21,000 tonnes, the overall capacity will be 28,000 tonnes a year.

When contacted, a Diageo spokeswoman was unable to say if consumers will enjoy a price decrease because of the economies of scale.

"Unfortunately, production volumes and pricing are of a commercial nature and we generally don't discuss that," she told the Herald.

In its report, the council noted: "The proposal comprises an intensification of the existing brewing process carried out on the wider St James's Gate site."

The number of barley roaster machines at the Dublin 8 site will have doubled in recent years from two to four when the new one is installed.