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Guinness off for donors

BLOOD donors may no longer be receiving bottles of Guinness after their good deed - but the decision has not led to a drop off in donations.

Guinness' parent company Diageo dropped the service last November because it felt that it no longer suited its "style", but according to figures, donors had been drinking less and less of the iconic stout.

Guinness -- famously advertised as being "good for you" -- is no longer being branded as having health benefits and bosses decided that its affiliation with the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) should end.

Grainne Mackin for Diageo explained:"Guinness has long stopped promoting the product as medicinal and we want to be in full alignment with our voluntary marketing code. It wasn't driven by any commercial agenda."

Paddy Bowler, the director of operations at the IBTS, said: "The Government is going to lower the blood alcohol limits for drivers. So we didn't feel it was appropriate to supply alcohol at the clinics any more."

Instead, donors will be offered a cup of tea and a biscuit, or a non-alcoholic drink.

The IBTS added that few donors had been accepting the offer of a Guinness by the time Diageo stopped providing it.