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Guinness ad show is a fab idea, but not without the greats

Some of the best Guinness ads down the years are on show in the Guinness Storehouse. Go to the third floor of Ireland's most popular visitor centre for overseas tourists and there they are in their technicolour and monochrome glory.

Everything from John Gilroy's My Goodness, My Guinness, Horses to Tipping Point and the sharply-dressed Sapeurs.

Irish International's magical Christmas Card makes the loop too. It's the ad with the fox sidestepping in the snow and the man telling his friends "don't forget to turn the lights off".

The Storehouse is unique in being the world's only public place where people can watch Guinness ads together. But here's my whinge.

Where are the other great Irish Guinness ads? How come there's no place for Island, created back in 1977. It's where West of Ireland islanders gather in a thatched pub as they wait for boatmen to deliver kegs of stout in a currach. A clock ticks and an old man and his black Labrador dog look up amid excited cries of "Tá siad ag teacht".

Island was voted Ad of the Century back in 1999. Where's Anticipation, directed by Richie Smyth in 1994? It's the ad with actor Joe McKinney dancing around a pint (left) to Perez Prado's Guaglione tune. No Guinness ad collection would be complete without the 'I Believe...' cinema ad with actor Stanley Townsend talking to camera.

The Storehouse ad show is a super idea and deserves a toast. But let's not forget the many magical ads created by Arks. After all, Guinness and Dublin are one of Ireland's greatest double acts.

Michael Cullen is editor of marketing.ie; cullen@marketing.ie