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Guinea Pig's pal stabbed to death in bloody battle

A pal of notorious gangster Mark 'Guinea Pig' Desmond has been murdered in a gang fight in Dublin.

Kevin Kenny (32) was stabbed to death in Ballyfermot after a violent bust-up.

Eight people were arrested -- four men and four women -- after the incident around 9.30pm on Sarsfield Road.

They are being detained today at five different garda stations across the south of the city.

Sources say that Mr Kenny -- whose younger brother was shot dead in 2005 -- was brutally stabbed outside a house on Sarsfield Road but managed to stagger across the road to Ruby Finnegans pub and collapsed outside.

It is understood that a number of Mr Kenny's friends and relatives were in the pub at the time and they rushed out as he lay on the ground, covered in blood.

Mr Kenny -- who survived an assassination attempt in 2006 -- died in St James' Hospital a short time later.

This is the second terrible tragedy to affect the Kenny family of O'Hogan Road, Ballyfermot.

In May, 2005, Kevin's younger brother Martin (22) was shot dead as he lay in bed with his girlfriend.

No one has ever been charged with Martin's murder but gardai believe that it was carried out by gangland serial killer Eric 'Lucky' Wilson.


His younger brother's death is said to have taken a terrible toll on Kevin Kenny who was not considered a major criminal by gardai.

Kevin was, however, a close associate and distant relative of notorious crime figure Mark 'The Guinea Pig' Desmond -- one of Ireland's most feared gangland figures.

Kevin Kenny was driving Desmond (33) when they were targeted in a drive-by shooting in Tallaght in July, 2006 by members of the 'King Ratt' drugs gang.

The double murder attempt failed when the gunman's weapon jammed. The assassin was riding pillion on a motorbike which drew alongside Desmond's car at traffic lights on the Old Bawn Road in Tallaght.

Desmond was shot once in the arm and Kevin Kenny was shot in the backside before the gun jammed.

He recovered from his injuries after being treated in hospital.

Both of the 2006 suspected gunmen have since been shot dead in gangland attacks.

Sources say that some of the men arrested after last night's stabbing are part of an "up and coming" local gang of young men who have been "hiring themselves out as enforcers" for local drugs gangs.

"These individuals have been causing huge concern lately -- they are offering their services for money. These services have involved shooting up houses or giving people hidings," explained a source.


Speaking to the Herald this morning, the victim's younger brother Stephen described him as "a great kid" who was a hard working electrician.

"He was very good to all the young people around and he loved playing football. He played for Landen United," Stephen explained. Stephen added that he was too distressed to talk about the brutal slaying. "It is too soon," he said.

The murder of Kevin Kenny who lived in Landen Road, Ballyfermot, was one of two knife slayings last night.

A man in his 50s, whose body was found in an apartment complex in Salthill in Galway city, is understood to have received stab wounds after being attacked there.

A woman in her 30s has been arrested and is being questioned at Mill Street Garda Station.