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Guilt suicide of anorexia model's mum

The mother of Isabelle Caro, the French model who became the "face" of anorexia nervosa and died in November, has taken her own life, according to her family.

Step-father Christian Caro, also said that he had lodged a legal complaint for manslaughter against the hospital where the 28-year-old model died. The hospital denies she died as a result of negligence.

Marie Caro committed suicide in despair early this month, Mr Caro told the Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes. "She felt guilty for having put my daughter in the Bichat Hospital.

"My daughter did not want to go to that hospital."

She had felt "enormous guilt" and the final straw was a personal attack on her daughter by Olivier Toscani, the Italian photographer who put her naked portrait on the shock poster showing her frail condition in 2007, her husband said. "She already could not bear the absence," he said.

After the model's death, Mr Toscani, who was also responsible for a series of controversial Benetton campaigns, described her as arrogant and self-promoting. Ms Caro had partly blamed her mother for her condition. In her memoir, The Little Girl Who Didn't Want to Get Fat, the model and actress wrote that her mother appeared to resent her growing up.


She said: "I was afraid because I said to myself that my mother will not love me any more if I change because my mother wants me to stay a little girl."

She dedicated the book to Mr Caro, who had raised her as his daughter.

Mr Caro said that media reports that the model had died of complications from pneumonia were false.

"Isabelle died ... from the successive consequences of negligence by the medical staff at the Bichat Hospital," he said in a statement.

He accused doctors of prematurely disconnecting her life support.

Bichat, one of the main Paris hospitals, said that Ms Caro had been admitted on November 16 in a state of shock and severe dehydration.

It said that "all measures were taken" to save her.