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Grieving mum sets up support group after son's death


Carol Cosgrove

Carol Cosgrove

Daniel Dempsey

Daniel Dempsey


Carol Cosgrove

The heartbroken mother of a young Dublin man who took his own life is setting up a support group for parents of other victims.

Carol Cosgrove's son Daniel Dempsey died last September, having suffered mental health problems since he was 14.

Daniel, of Kilmahuddrick, Clondalkin, had only just celebrated his 21st birthday at Electric Picnic with his younger brother Sean (18).

Ms Cosgrove has struggled, but feels that talking to people who have gone through similar circumstances aids the healing process.

"When Daniel died I didn't know what to do or where to go, but meeting parents who have been through something similar has helped me to understand as much as I can," she said.

"One of the mothers I've met went through the same experience 13 years ago and is still finding it difficult, but having people who know what you are going through helps."

It is from this experience that Ms Cosgrove is now setting up a support group for parents whose children have died by suicide.

"What I've realised is that there's no proper system in place to help the parents of the children who have taken their life - there's absolutely nothing for the likes of me trying to cope with such a tragic death," she said.


The group will have its first meeting at the Bawnogue community centre on February 5 and will continue on a weekly basis.

When discussing the months since Daniel's death, Ms Cosgrove gave an insight into what can develop in a parent's mind after such a tragedy.

"I had so many questions. I blamed myself for it happening. I kept saying to myself, 'I'm his mother, I should have protected him more', but now I realise nothing I would have done would have stopped him," she said.

"I'd advise people to talk more and communicate - those who are feeling depressed, as well as the relatives of those who have taken their life - because keeping it to yourself is not healthy."

A candle-lit vigil for those who have died by suicide was held outside the South Dublin County Council offices in Clondalkin on December 21.

Ms Cosgrove recited a poem called the Ugly Shoes Club for Daniel, but changed the final verse to "a person whose child has died by suicide".