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'Grenade' turned out to be an ornament

THE army bomb squad were called to a recycling centre in Ringsend yesterday after a suspected grenade was found in a skip.

A man searching for scrap at the Dublin City Council depot found what was believed to be a bomb but later turned out to be an ornament at around 11am.

He handed it over to staff at the facility who decided the best course of action was to call gardai.

After an initial inspection the army were notified and the bomb squad tasked to deal with the grenade, thought to be made of steel and possibly historical in origin.

A massive security operation was out in place on the Sean Moore Road, with gardai blocking access by road to the site.


A number of uniformed and plain-clothes gardai sealed off the area and could be seen maintaining a cordon around the perimeter and access point to the facility used by members of the public to bring and sort items for recycling.

The army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) unit arrived at 1pm but a quick assessment of the find revealed it was purely ornamental.

How it ended up at the facility was not known.

The bomb squad were stood-down at around 1.20pm and depot workers who had ben evacuated from the facility were allowed back to work and traffic restrictions were lifted.