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Green light for city's new traffic art project

Dublin City Council (DCC) plans to turn 200 of the capital's traffic-light boxes into works of art.

After a successful trial of 11 boxes in the city, DCC is planning to roll out the project across Dublin.

"The council is now looking at how to formalise it as a policy," confirmed Shane Waring of DCC's City Architects division.

There are approximately 800 traffic light boxes across 
Dublin and the idea to paint them came about because of people "tagging" the grey boxes with graffiti, explained Mr Waring.

Tagging is a hand-style of graffiti writing and every year it costs the council thousands of euro to repaint the grey boxes.


The Beta Projects trialled the artwork-covered boxes over 18 months.

Beta Projects - initiated by Mr Waring - was set up as a way to test new ideas that could potentially improve the capital.

After consulting with stakeholders, it was decided the trial was successful enough to adopt it on a major scale.

The 18-month trial cost €1,067. Included in the cost of the trial were the expenses for supplies for all of the artists.

Before the 200 boxes are decorated he hopes to trial the idea in various areas of the city - citing examples like Smithfield and Clontarf.

"In Clontarf, the theme could be history and in Smithfield it could be modern," said Mr Waring.