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Greek default 'not an option'

A SENIOR European official has vowed that a Greek default is not an option.

If Greece does not receive an ¤8bn loan by mid-October, the debt-ridden country will be unable to pay pensions and salaries and will go bankrupt.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker, who chairs the meetings of eurozone finance ministers, said: "We had no one advocating a default for Greece. Everything will be done to avoid that."

Greece said on Sunday that it will run a deficit of ¤18.69bn this year -- far above the promised ¤17.1bn.

Dirty desks are breeding bugs

DIRTY office desks are harbouring germs which can quickly spread among staff.

A study of desks by office supplies firm Viking found poor levels of hygiene.

Germs were found in almost two-thirds of computer keyboards, while some even had mould growing underneath.

Computer staff, lawyers and accountants were said to be the most unhygienic.

Texan freed after 25 years

A MAN who spent 25 years in jail for killing his wife will be released after an evidence review proved his innocence.

The case will likely raise questions about Texas District Attorney John Bradley.

The Innocence Project has accused him of suppressing evidence that could have cleared Michael Morton.