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Greedy petrol stations are now charging for air to fill up your tyres

A GROWING number of greedy petrol stations are charging people for simply pumping up their tyres.

These include 36 Esso stations which are now charging for air as part of a new range of services.

Although the vast majority of stations provide the service free of charge, there is a growing trend towards charging a fee.

An AA spokeswoman said "There are more reports of service stations charging for air. Usually people pay for the practice with tokens which are either handed out free behind the counter or otherwise cost 20c.

"There is also a system in one petrol station where you insert a euro into the machine and get it back when you are finished much like a supermarket trolley."

Richard Scrase, a spokesman for the Esso was quick to defend the move. "These machines provide three different services which include a vacuum and an air freshening service along with compressed air.

"The user will pay a euro and can get five minutes of service from any of the three available options."