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Gray's red card an inevitable end for a grubby misogynist

SACKED Sky Sports pundit Andy Gray's sexism shame will come as no surprise to those closest to him.

The multimillionaire former football star has suffered an inevitable end to a life of serial misogyny and grubby behaviour.

A notorious lothario with a penchant for blondes, the former footballer earned a reputation as 'Randy Andy', a man who lived his life by the 'boys will be boys' philosophy.

And while his sexist ways were common knowledge among his inner circle, the €2m-a-year presenter was given the boot by Sky Sports yesterday for "unacceptable and offensive behaviour" after footage emerged of him tugging at his pants and asking a female colleague to "tuck that in for me".

As he and co-star Charlotte Jackson were preparing to go live on a Christmas segment last month, she was adjusting her microphone when he pulled at his pants and said: "Charlotte, are you going to tuck this down here for me, love", referring to the microphone.

The footage was the third recording to emerge in just three days where he was caught making degrading comments about women.

Gray (55) was one of the best known, and best paid, analysts in the game, but was given the red card from his job after his latest comment became one too many.

His comments hit the headlines on Sunday when he and fellow presenter Richard Keys were heard suggesting that assistant referee Sian Massey wouldn't understand the offside rule because she was a woman.

A second recording emerged of him and reporter Andy Burton discussing Massey's physical appearance.

Gray is now consulting lawyers after being fired.

The future of Richard Keys is now uncertain after new footage emerged of him speaking in lewd terms about a former girlfriend of pundit Jamie Redknapp during an off-air chat which was recorded.

Gray's prehistoric attitude towards women has been well documented throughout the years -- he is the father of five children, with four different women, nearly all of whom have jumped at the chance to publicly condemn the serial philanderer.

Sarah Drane, one of his more recent girlfriends, said: "I haven't an ounce of sympathy for him. Why should I be bothered when I know he won't care either?


"His attitude when he was suspended will have been: 'Ah well, I may as well go down the pub'. I can't really see him getting overly bothered about what he's said. He'd probably try to claim it was just a joke between friends, but I know he'll have been at least half serious because Andy comes from a generation who secretly think women have no place in football."

His womanising ways go back to his early days in football, having first got married to Vanessa Taylor at the age of 24.

They had a son, but unknown to him, his former lover Sara Matthews had secretly given birth to another son just four months after he wed Vanessa.

He was divorced in 1982 after it was discovered he was having an affair with model Janet Trigg, with whom he has two children.

After they split, one year later he wed Jackie Cherry, with whom he has a daughter.

Although he had a stable, six-year relationship with former Olympic gymnast Suzanne Dando when she joined the network in the 1990's, sources at the station said they were shocked at the details he revealed about their sex life.

In 2006, he met his now fiancee Rachel Lewis, the former wife of his close pal Michael Lewis.