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Granite paving to transform Grafton St

THIS is how Ireland's premier shopping street will look once an extensive repaving project has been completed.

The designers have planned to use the traditional paving material of granite throughout the streetscape -- similar to what is used on the Henry Street and O'Connell parade.

The €2.3m move will completely transform the plush shopping street as Dublin City Council plans to remove the existing brick paving and replace with new stone paving for the length of the street from St Stephen's Green North to Nassau Street and Suffolk Street.


"Its existing brick paved surface laid in the mid 1980s has suffered badly in recent years. It is now at the point where it is necessary for repair crews to attend on an almost daily basis," the council said.

"The replacement of its existing paving material is an imperative for the street and the city."

The plans envisage a modern lighting scheme and streamlined street furniture, which a report from the city council says will highlight the historical buildings and visual complexity along the route.

Members of the public have until June 20 to submit their ideas on the planned repavement works in the historic shopping street.