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Granddaughter saw gunmen in Gilligan attack


 John Gilligan is recovering after gun attack.

John Gilligan is recovering after gun attack.

John Gilligan is recovering after gun attack.

FORMER drug baron John Gilligan's granddaughter has been left "extremely traumatised" after she witnessed gunmen storming into his brother's home in last weekend's botched murder attempt.

Sources have revealed that the eight-year-old watched in horror as she sat in a car with her mother Tracey Gilligan – the mobster's only daughter – as the masked gunmen stormed the house at Greenfort Crescent in Clondalkin and shot Gilligan four times.

It has emerged that Tracey had dropped Gilligan at his brother Thomas' house just 30 minutes earlier after a family christening in a nearby pub and was waiting for the criminal to come back out of the property – possibly to be driven to Jessbrook.


"The poor little girl is an awful state – what she would have seen is horrific in the extreme and then there was all the chaos in the aftermath of the shooting," a source said.

It has also emerged that when gardai were called to the scene of the shooting on Saturday evening, they were confronted by an "angry mob" of more than a dozen young men who verbally abused and threatened officers at the scene leading the gardai to call for reinforcements.

A source said: "It was tense enough up there for a while – there was a lot of aggro being directed at the gardai but Gilligan himself was relatively calm considering that he had been shot multiple times but he was covered in blood."

The gangster, who is recovering from his injuries in Connolly Hospital at Blanchardstown, had surgery on a leg injury yesterday morning as gardai continue to investigate Saturday evening's high-profile shooting. Senior sources say that the 61-year-old criminal is expected to be discharged from hospital within the week as gardai have already downgraded the security detail around him.

From today, only one armed officer is expected to be involved in protecting the criminal who has not yet spoken to officers about what happened.

No arrests have yet been made in the case and no houses have been raided as detectives still try to establish exactly who shot the notorious crime figure who was only released from a 17-year sentence for drugs offences at Ireland's highest security jail in Portlaoise last October.

He is being treated in hospital on a ward with six other patients after being shot four times in the hip, leg, chest and face in the gun attack.

Gardai say that he has dozens of underworld enemies but the most likely suspects for ordering the murder are the mob led by exiled gangster Christy Kinahan.


Officers have still not established if the gunman who botched the murder attempt is the same north Dublin criminal who also failed to kill him in a Castleknock pub in December.

Last week, The Herald revealed that this criminal had been warned by gardai about an active threat on his life which sources believe was coming from Gilligan.

Gilligan was not in the pub when the would-be assassin entered the Halfway House on the Navan Road armed with a 9mm handgun looking for the gangster on the afternoon of December 4.