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Gran vows to find out who tortured her beloved cat

A devastated grandmother who claims her pet cat was tortured to death is offering a reward for information.

Esther Brady (75) was left devastated when her cat Thomas was found dead on the side of the road in Kilkock, Co Kildare, earlier this month.

The pet's death has had such an effect on Esther that she is determined to find out how it died.

Thomas went missing on September 4 and was later discovered by Esther's husband Paddy near a motorway.

He was found with no bruises or marks on his body, but all of the hair on his tail was gone.

Although Esther admits she has no proof that her beloved pet was intentionally harmed, she said she believes "deep down" that he was tortured before being dumped on the road.

She told the Herald: "Deep down I just know something happened. He had absolutely no hair on his tail which was very peculiar. It's left me devastated. He was a lovely tom cat with a great big bushy tail. It's just not been the same without him around, he used to get on great with our dog Freddie. Why would anybody harm him?"

Esther is appealing for anyone who may have harmed Thomas to "come clean".

She told the Herald that a reward will be offered to anybody who contacts them with information.