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Gran dies after crash on way to the airport

A criminal prosecution is to be brought in the case of a 66-year-old grandmother who died of medical complications following a road accident in Dublin, City Coroner Dr Brian Farrell was told.

He adjourned an inquest into the death of Mrs Mary (Maura) Kelly, of Thomgarrow, Adamstown, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford, without a date, until the criminal court case has ended.

Mary, pictured, died in Beaumont Hospital in June 2010, some days after a car accident at the Ballymun exit of the M50 as she travelled with two woman friends to Dublin Airport for a holiday in Portugal.

Garda Inspector Andrew Waters of Ballymun Garda Station told the coroner yesterday that gardai have now received directions from the Director of Public Prosecutions in the case.

"Proceedings in the matter will be instituted this week," the inspector said.

He applied for a lengthy adjournment of the inquest.

The coroner noted that the cause of death was given in terms of medical complications but said he would issue a death certificate to Mrs Kelly's family who were in court for the brief hearing.

"I will adjourn the inquest until the criminal trial has been completed," Dr Farrell said.

He told the family that he could not release papers in the case while the criminal case was pending.

She had died of medical complications which occurred within days following a road traffic incident, a surgeon's report showed.

The inspector agreed with the coroner that a "serious" charge would be involved in the criminal proceedings.