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Grainne makes herself at home on Daybreak sofa

GRAINNE Seoige appears to be inching closer to a permanent spot on the Daybreak sofa.

The features editor of the ITV breakfast show is continuing to stamp her mark on the programme, six months after landing the coveted role.

This week saw her pair up with the station's sports editor Dan Lobb filling in for the station's main anchors Christine Bleakley and Adrian Chiles while the pair were on leave for a few days.


Chiles and Bleakley have met with a mixed reaction from viewers since the early morning show started broadcasting last September, with Adrian recently saying how he finds watching himself on TV "repellent."

Handsome Dan has been filling in for him this week and was joined on Thursday morning by roving reporter Grainne (37) as his co-anchor.

The pair spent the morning interviewing personalities like funnyman Lenny Henry about his new BBC series The Magicians as well as heavyweight champion David Haye.

And Grainne certainly appeared to relish her bigger role on the show, writing on Twitter afterwards how she had "really enjoyed" her stint on the sofa.

The mum-of-one, who split from husband Stephen Cullinane last year, is continuing to increase her profile across the water.

She is also continuing to work for RTE and present the All Ireland Talent Show as she divides her time between here and Britain.

Speaking recently about her new job on ITV, she said she "loves it" and describes it as her dream role, having reported back from places like Afghanistan and India.

"My brief is to focus on human interest stories from all over the world. I think it's a testament to my skills and experience that they trust me to cover everything. I have had the most amazing time so far," she said.


And she said that she was not daunted by the challenge of taking on such a high-profile role.

"It's just the way I am. I don't know if people misjudge it, or how people see it. I think people sometimes see -- I wouldn't even call it confidence, it's just self-belief," she explained.

"People don't always like to see it in this country, or they don't really understand it, but I think anybody who has ever achieved anything anywhere -- particularly here -- has self-belief."