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Grafton Street is to get a e4m makeover

IT'S among the most expensive shopping streets in the world -- but city officials think Grafton Street looks "cheap".

Dublin City Council has sanctioned a €4m upgrade for the capital's main shopping street.

Officials said the street's pavement, which was installed in the 1980s, does not complement the shop-front styles and architecture of the buildings.

They said the redesign of Grafton Street will be a high- quality public scheme operated by the council, similar to improvement schemes carried out in both O'Connell Street and Henry Street.

The revamp plan outlined how existing street furniture will be replaced and how the brick paving on the street will be removed.


Council officials said the redesign will prevent them having to send out repair crews to fix pavements on a daily basis to "prevent possible falls".

They said the proposed improvement works will seek to establish "universal design standards" while acknowledging the "distinctive character of Grafton Street".

The new pavement will be "calm and understated", and the kerb edges will feature a "slight lip" to act as a guide for visually impaired people.

The new pavement will be dark grey with sections in pink to highlight points of interest and intersections.

In response to the plans, councillors said that although they support the idea, more information is needed.

Cllr Paddy McCartan (FG) said it is important that a special information meeting is held to ensure councillors are aware of all the plans.

He agreed that the current conditions of the street need to be overhauled.

Cllr Mannix Flynn (Ind) argued that the plans should go ahead without the need for a special meeting.

He said councillors should have educated themselves on the proposed plans already.


"The quicker the better these plans go ahead. The street is in urgent need of attention and we should be supportive of these plans as they stand."

Cllr Brid Smith (PBPA) said the plan is "a waste of money".

Council officials said it would take a year to revamp the street as the project would have to be carried out on a "phased basis" to prevent disruption among shoppers.

The special meeting for councillors is expected to take place within the next two weeks.