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Grab your brolly for a warm but wet week

YOU might not need all your winter woollies next week, but don't stray too far from your umbrella.

Weather forecasters have said more rain belts will be passing over Ireland in the coming days, but temperatures will continue unseasonably mild for the time of year.

Tomorrow will be the best day of the weekend as the warm but moist air from the south continues to be the main influence on our weather.

"Daytime temperatures are 2-3 degrees higher than normal, but the downside is the warm air brings wet weather too," said Joan Blackburn of Met Eireann.

As the south of the country recovers from torrential rain that caused flooding in many parts of Munster and Connaught the wet weather is set to continue, but with drier periods in between the bands of rain.

A cold snap on Monday night could see frost under clear skies, but there is a mixed outlook of very changeable weather.