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Got the results, now it's time to celebrate

He Before heading out for a great time, consider the following tips:

Before heading out for a great time, consider the following tips:

You also run the risk of being robbed, or being forced to take money out of your bank at an ATM. This applies to both males and females -- so, boys, watch your drinks too.

Have credit on your mobile This is one night when you should make sure that you have enough credit to contact someone in case of an emergency. You can use any credit left over tomorrow to chat about the fantastic night you all had.

Pre-arrange your transport home

If you can, arrange how you are getting home in advance. If a family member is going to collect you, arrange where and when, (if you don't know exactly when, you can always confirm by text). If you don't have a lift home, try to organise a taxi.

taxi safety If you do take a taxi, try to do it in groups. When you are in a group where there are a few 'drop-offs' always arrange that the last person to be dropped off sends a text to a nominated pal to say they are home safely.

House party rules Keep it low-key. If word gets out to unwanted guests that there is a house party, then you could be faced with the difficult task of refusing entry to people who arrive uninvited. We've all heard the horror stories of fights that break out because people are refused entry to a party.

Know who you are inviting and don't invite known troublemakers. Tell the friends that you invite to be careful who they tell about the party. Beware of social sites such as Facebook -- posting information about your party there is asking for trouble.

Remember to remove precious family items before the event.

alcohol Alcohol is a common way to get in the party mood. It can make us very happy and causes us to lose many of our inhibitions. While it's fine to enjoy alcohol as part of your celebrations, do so wisely. Drinking too much can lead to a disregard for personal safety, being sick and doing things out of character that you'll be mortified about later. Pace yourself and don't get completely drunk and unable to look after yourself.


De-stressing, celebrating, feeling great and being drunk can lead to many actions which you did not plan. Remember, you will have to live with the consequences of sex so make sure that you are protected.

drugs Don't get involved. No matter how much you want to celebrate, taking illegal drugs has serious consequences and can lead to illness and death. So remember, it's just not worth the risk!

On a final note, what is the best cure for a hangover? You could look it up on the internet and buy your ingredients in advance.

Plenty of rest and whatever food works for you is usually a good start!