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Gospel church fined over noise

A gospel church was fined after nearby residents complained about its services being too noisy, it has been revealed.

Deacon Everton Lewis-Gordon and pastor Sean Samuel appeared before magistrates in Nottingham charged with noise nuisance from services at New Generation Church in David Lane, Basford, in the city.

The charges against the deacon were withdrawn but Samuel was fined a total of £360 and ordered to pay costs of £300 to Nottingham City Council at the hearing.

Leaks charge for ex-CIA man

A former CIA officer who became a key player in the debate over waterboarding as an interrogation technique was indicted on charges he leaked classified secrets to journalists, including the role of an associate who participated in a covert mission to track down a top al-Qa'ida figure.

The indictment of John C Kiriakou is part of an aggressive US Justice Department crackdown on leakers and is one of a half-dozen such cases opened during the Obama administration.

Paisley resumes paper column

The Reverend Ian Paisley, Northern Ireland's most famous Protestant figure, has returned to work after a serious illness and resumed his newspaper column on his 86th birthday.

Paisley, who won praise for leading Protestants into power-sharing with Catholics after decades of opposing compromise, was hospitalised in February with unspecified heart problems and spent three weeks in intensive care.

His column in the Belfast News Letter contained his first public words since his recovery.

Photographer 'hit by police'

A Greek official says authorities are investigating the serious injury of a news photographer who suffered a skull fracture after apparently being hit by riot police while covering a protest in Athens.

Marios Lolos (46) who heads the Greek Photojournalists' Association and works for the Chinese news agency Xinhua, was undergoing surgery last night.