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Gordon's bar first to boycott Israeli goods

Popular Dublin restaurant The Exchequer, which is co-owned by Leinster rugby star Gordon D'Arcy, has decided to no longer stock Israeli goods.

The business, which has outlets in city centre and Ranelagh, made the announcement via its Facebook page.

The post said that they were planning the boycott in order "show our disdain and disgust at the genocide that is being currently committed by Israel on the people of Gaza.

"Both of our venues are now officially boycotting all Israeli goods, we will not stock anything that is produced/made in Israel."

It is thought the goods most likely to be affected are fruit and vegetables and herbs such as mint.

The venue also encouraged other business and individuals to do the same saying: "What if the general population in Ireland did the same thing? We have 4.5 million people in Ireland. Now what if even 1pc of the 3.5 million people in Ireland over the age of 14 spent even €1 less per day on Israeli goods than they do now?

"That would be €35,000 per day, €245,000 per week, taken out of the Israeli economy."

The Exchequer's announcement follows the news that retailers, cafes, restaurants and a pharmacy in the Galway town of Kinvara will boycott Israeli goods.

Business people in the town said the boycott is a response to the "ongoing bombardment" of Gaza by Israel.