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Google to bridge the gap for dublin staff


Google HQ Dublin

Google HQ Dublin

Google HQ Dublin

Some workplaces might be lucky enough to boast a water cooler in this the age of austerity, let alone a bridge - but for Google’s Dublin office, that is just what staff have.

A spokeswoman confirmed to

The slick glass construct will mean that Googlers’ as staff members are known will not have to go out in the rain with their laptops when they need to go from one building to another.


It is a pedestrian bridge that is eight metres over Barrow Street and runs from the main Google Docks building to Google Gasworks building and Gordon House at their second floor level.

Work started on the bridge in February when the main framework was put in place between the two buildings in the space of two days.

The remaining works were done with little interruption to traffic or pedestrians when glass panels were installed from the inside of the bridge.

It has one entrance coming from the Gasworks building and two openings into their new Gordon House building, which is closer to the docklands.

The glass walkway will be lit up with LED lights when it is completed next week.


And the state-of-the art bridge is not the only addition to the Barrow Street base with Google bosses planning an overhaul of the road.

Under new proposals Barrow Street will get a big clean up including having the roads repaved and the footpaths widened.

Pedestrians crossing points will also be improved and parking will be reduced.

New street lighting and furniture will be installed under the plans.

And the spokeswoman also said that landscaping works are part of the proposals with trees and shrubbery being planted.

There are now more than 2,000 people employed by Google in Dublin.