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Google thwarted in bid to ban cars outside D4 office

DUBLIN residents have come out on top in a David and Goliath battle with Google over a pedestrian zone.

Council chiefs have backtracked on proposals to close a section of Barrow Street to cars following objections from residents and politicians.

Google had supported the local authority plan as it would have created a pedestrian area outside its offices.

But Dublin City Council has taken heed of local concerns.

Councillors argued blocking cars from travelling through Barrow Street would have moved congestion to nearby roads.

City official Eoghan Madden says it now proposes to provide a one-way system under Barrow Street bridge, rather than banning cars.

The road is to be a two-way street north and south of the bridge, but only northbound traffic will be allowed under the overpass.

"This would result in traffic coming from Upper Grand Canal Street being able to travel north down Barrow Street all the way to Ringsend Road, but traffic travelling south from Ringsend Road terminating at the railway bridge," Mr Madden said.

Google said: "This was a decision for Dublin City Council and Google is supportive of any measures that improve the streetscape and make it safer for pedestrians and residents on the street."

The firm's office blocks in Dublin 4 are to undergo a series of upgrades. As well as getting approval for a rooftop garden, it received permission for a bridge connecting Google Docks at Grand Canal Dock to Gordon House and the Gasworks office.