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Good luck with CAO offers today

TENS of thousands of third-level applicants today received offers of a college place in the initial round of Central Applications Office offers. In the round one offer, 47,821 are getting a third-level offer with 48pc of them -- 1pc up on last year -- getting their top choice.

The figures show an interesting trend, with many students opting for degrees they hope will translate into jobs.

Points needed for entry to courses in science, technology and agriculture have risen dramatically.

The Government and employers have promised the jobs will be there and have repeatedly said there are not enough qualified graduates to fill them.

Points for nursing and medicine have also risen, but the demand for engineering, a key skill required for economic growth, is flat.

There will be heartache for some students today, but there are other avenues to pursue their chosen careers. Good luck to all of them as they closely examine what's on offer.