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Good luck roses from Brendan were so kind

It's been absolutely brilliant having Rory Cowan from Mrs Brown's Boys as part of the cast.

We're all having such a blast with him and he's loving being in the show.

Brendan O'Carroll was over accepting his British Comedy Award in the UK so he couldn't come to the launch on Tuesday night.

But when I walked into my dressing room, which I share with Rory, there was this massive vase of these rainbow coloured roses that nearly took over the dressing room, and the note said: "We saw these and thought of you." They were just incredible.

Brendan and Jenny (inset) will be coming in over the weekend because they're home for a few days for Christmas now and we're so excited for them to see the show.

Rory just can't wait for Brendan to see it.

He wasn't nervous on opening night but I know he'll be planking it when Brendan is in.

It'll be good to get feedback from Brendan as well because we think our show is less of a posh panto, it's more like Mrs Brown's Boys.

We don't do it for critics, we do it for the audiences that pack out the theatre every night so I'm looking forward to his reaction.

Everyone is wondering about what's happening with the show but it's definitely not finished yet.

The movie was part of a trilogy so they're looking to do two more movies and they're also looking at making a lot more series.

Brendan will say himself, he struggled for 21 years to get there, he's not going to go "we're not going to do any more" at this point.

I'd say they'll try and break America, if they can do it in Australia. I'd say there's enough Irish Americans in the US who'd love a show about an Irish mammy.