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'Good food has helped Cal to thrive after a rocky start'

RTE broadcaster Maura Derrane is notoriously private about her little boy Cal.

The 44-year-old had a traumatic birth experience and doctors feared she could die when she started haemorrhaging during labour.

She underwent an emergency C-section and little Cal arrived in 2014 in good health.

Understandably Maura has been protective of her little boy and this is the first time that Cal has been introduced.

Maura said that she and her husband, TD John Deasy, have been overwhelmed by how strong little Cal (above with mum) has become - and it's all down to nutrition.


The presenter said that since she became an ambassador for the First 1,000 Days movement, she began to understand the importance of nutrition from pregnancy through to breastfeeding, weaning and the toddler phase.

"We will celebrate Cal's first birthday in a couple of weeks and it has been a joy to see him develop and grow from a tiny baby to a strong, healthy and happy toddler," she said.

"From the moment he was weaned we have been conscious about getting those key nutrients into him like iron and vitamin D - and he really does love his food.

"When both parents work outside the home like we do, it's important to plan meal times as much as possible in order to help Cal to develop a healthy relationship with food," mum Maura told the Herald.