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Goldsmith sent to jail over clash with garda

AN out-of-work goldsmith with a "chip on his shoulder" about the gardai has been jailed for three months for resisting arrest to the point that he had to be pepper-sprayed.

Derek Lennon (25) hurled abuse at a garda and pushed him away as he tried to arrest him in an incident in south Dublin.

He began shouting insults at the officer after he had been stopped and searched while out cycling with a friend.

Lennon, of Neagh Road, Terenure, had denied charges of causing a breach of the peace and obstructing a garda on May 18 at Charlemont Place.

Dublin District Court heard he had 49 previous convictions for offences, including false imprisonment and assault causing harm.

Sentencing him and fining him €500, Judge David McHugh said: "I formed the opinion that he had some sort of chip on his shoulder toward the gardai. It's regrettable that a young man with 49 previous convictions is carrying on along that line."

The court heard gardai stopped Lennon and his friend Ciaran Finnegan and searched them. Garda Richard Whiston said Lennon appeared agitated at being searched by two other gardai.

"He told me to f**k myself and called me a f**king d**khead," the garda said.

There were people outside the nearby Hilton Hotel and more socialising and drinking on the deck of a barge on the canal. The garda told Lennon to desist from this behaviour but he became more aggressive, gritting his teeth and clenching his fists.