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Gogglebox couple hit headlines with surprise proposal


The couple on TV

The couple on TV

The couple on TV

Wedding bells are in the air on Gogglebox Ireland after Dawn and Dale got engaged over the weekend.

The couple, who have been together for over eight years after meeting on the same course at Cork IT, moved their relationship to the next level during a romantic weekend away in Connemara.

Dawn surprised Dale with a proposal while the pair were out for a stroll on the picturesque Atlantic coast.

She said that she waited for the perfect moment to pop the question when her other half was least expecting it.


She also kept with tradition by asking Dale's father for permission before asking her other half to marry her.

"I'd planned to propose for a long time but wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity and for Dale to be caught off guard," she said.

"I asked Dale's dad for his blessing beforehand and he laughed and said he'd gladly let me take her off his hands.

"I felt like my heart was going to explode with excitement on the day of it."

A delighted Dale admits that she got very emotional after the surprise proposal and for her, it came completely out of the blue.

"When she did ask me, I went into total shock," she said.

"For me, marriage has always been a big deal, especially after 2015's historical vote.

"I always hoped we'd get married but now I actually can't believe it."

The two retail workers from Cork say that they both cried "ugly tears" after the proposal and spent a few days in Connemara celebrating the news.

The happy couple have yet to put any plans in place for their big day but Dale said she's looking forward to starting all the preparations for their forthcoming wedding.

As well as featuring on the popular show, Dale runs a make-up video blog and says she's obsessed with beauty products, while Dawn is sports-mad and is a former camogie and soccer player.

The pair are hugely popular with fans of Gogglebox Ireland and love watching game shows together, as well as cookery programmes like Great British Bake-Off.

The final episode in the current series will air tonight on Virgin Media One at 9pm.