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Gogarty takes the kiss at anti-gay protest

A GREEN TD famous for turning the air blue was acting a bit pink yesterday.

But Paul Gogarty left some protesters outside Leinster House seeing red as he appeared to mock opponents of the Civil Partnership Bill.

Mr Gogarty and fellow Green members took some time to meet with gay rights activists yesterday, but few expected the TD to start blowing kisses.

The Green Party has been the driving force behind the new legislation granting new rights to homosexual couples.

It passed through the Seanad last night by a margin of 48 votes to four.

However, Mr Gogarty stoked a bit of controversy with his antics on Kildare St.

The Dublin Mid-West representative once joked that he was 25pc gay but was wrongly accused in the Dail last week of being half-gay.

Fine Gael's Tom Sheahan got his figures mixed up when he alleged Mr Gogarty once professed to being 50pc gay.

He set the record straight yesterday, saying: "I was incorrect last week when I quoted Deputy Gogarty as saying he was 50pc homosexual. He actually said he was 25pc homosexual."